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Euphoria at the iForum in Kiev
Thursday, 07 April 2011 22:59


What an end of the week!

A week ago I left on Thursday night from Moscow to Kiev, invited by Ukrainian networker-deluxe Denis Dovgopoli to speak at iForum (www.iforum,ua) on Friday. iForum is Ukraine’s largest IT conference, I was told. Indeed, the conference was fairly big – 3500 people attended according to Denis.

Though iForum is hard to compare with the likes of WPP’s Stream 2010 in Greece, with over 300 online superstars gathered for three days in Club Med, the conference was a useful experience for many.  A lot of time could be saved as practically “everybody” was there. In the afternoon panel discussion Going Global, with fine

audience_iForum_Kiev_2011_Bas_Godskamoderator Dmitry Repin, participants – Vlad Voskresensky, Alesha Jenko and Gennadiy Netyaga we talked about the do’s and don’ts of international business expansion, dividing business in a few categories and wondering where the differences lie between national and international entrepreneurship. In fact, all businesses need local knowledge, strong partners and excellent staffing.

I also grabbed the opportunity in the second panel discussion on e-commerce with Igor Ashmanov and others to invite members of the audience to come and work for the Samwer Brothers’ new startup project Lamoda.ru, Russia’s  fastest growing e-commerce fashion store, selling all across Russia. (Mail me if you’re a top talent! J)


The whole day was pleasantly spent on networking and talking to old friends.

A lot of traffic to Ukrainian sites is from Russia, so opportunities to buy cheap clicks here seem a good extra way to add to online acquisition…

There was a facebook afterparty in Club Stolitsa where I met some brilliant programmers and friendly mojitos. I love Kiev!

Back in Moscow a dynamic week started full of hustle and bustle in the online scene of Russian e-commerce – worth a reality show.