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IDCEE 2012
Wednesday, 31 October 2012 06:06


On the 18-19th of October Kiev hosted one of the largest events in CIS - IDCEE 2012. The main goal of the conference was to bring together ideas of leading experts and start-up entrepreneurs with expertise of investors and business-angels, gathering IT crowd from all over the world to unite internet innovations idea-holders and investors.

Bas Godska as the founder of Acrobator.com was invited to participate in the event for the third time as the moderator of Accelerators panel (with Bohdan Kupych, Eveline Buchatskiy, Maurizio Rossi, Uwe Hortsmann) and Online Hospitality Panel (with Katrin Buckenmaier, Marina Kolesnik, Mikhail Reider, Roman Rochel). Over 2000 participants attended the conference, as well as best speakers from Eastern Europe and Russia.208206_414427671945090_1837212923_n