Bas_for_magazineRussian Business Outlook is a new magazine for everyone who is doing or planning to do business in Russia. The pilot edition of RBO is focused on partnership between Russia and the Netherlands so Bas Godska was invited for the interview where he shared his point of view to digital marketing and e-commerce in Russia.

On the page 16 you can read the whole interview called "Bringing Dead Souls back to life".


Big_moscow_engblog_engThe November issue of the online magazine BIGMOSCOW published an interview with Bas Godska devoted to his experience of investing in Russian startups. In particular, Bas speaks about the project, specialising in the sale of tourist package deals through the Internet.

The BIGMOSCOW magazine is published with the support of the Department of External Economic and International Relations of Moscow and is included in the group of magazines BIGRUSSIA - Business Investment Guide to RUSSIA. The aim of this magazine is to provide advice and assistance to investors expanding into the Moscow.

All the three versions of the magazine (in Russian, English and German) are available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.


В одном из ведущих казахских журналов - Exclusive - вышла статья о Басе Годска и его совместных планах с сервисом коллективных покупок C недавних пор Бас консультирует эту компанию. Публикация рассказывает об опыте Баса и потенциале компании, с которой он намерен работать. Текст статьи также доступен в электронном виде на сайте журнала Exclusive.