Bas_for_magazineRussian Business Outlook is a new magazine for everyone who is doing or planning to do business in Russia. The pilot edition of RBO is focused on partnership between Russia and the Netherlands so Bas Godska was invited for the interview where he shared his point of view to digital marketing and e-commerce in Russia.

On the page 16 you can read the whole interview called "Bringing Dead Souls back to life".



On the 16th of February Bas Godksa gave a masterclass for Skolkovo Startup Academy where he shared his view, experience and international best practice relating to the dynamic sphere of digital marketing and on how to reach aggressive growth in e-business. Bas dwelt upon practical tips on how to start digital business and errors to avoid, high level guidelines on effective digital media buying, and gave an overview of the various metrics used in the online advertising world.

After the speech Bas gave an interview, where he spoke about new trends in online advertising and advice for young entrepreneurs.


Big_moscow_engblog_engThe November issue of the online magazine BIGMOSCOW published an interview with Bas Godska devoted to his experience of investing in Russian startups. In particular, Bas speaks about the project, specialising in the sale of tourist package deals through the Internet.

The BIGMOSCOW magazine is published with the support of the Department of External Economic and International Relations of Moscow and is included in the group of magazines BIGRUSSIA - Business Investment Guide to RUSSIA. The aim of this magazine is to provide advice and assistance to investors expanding into the Moscow.

All the three versions of the magazine (in Russian, English and German) are available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.


319077_442280679150989_1063377968_nIn Moscow, on October 4th, Russia's first and biggest conference “Russian Affiliate Days” was held. As myThings MD Russia & CIS, Bas Godska delivered the conference's opening keynote speech, followed later in the day by a myThings case presentation about the future of retargeting and tactical campaigning. There were about 200 advertisers and agencies among the attendants, as well as all leading Russian affiliate networks and publishers. All in all -- a great event!


Читайте интервью Баса о начале его карьеры, больших и маленьких компаниях, стартапах и инвестициях, а также об тут


Inspiration for Breakfast

14 апреля Бас Годска был приглашен на интервью для проекта Inspiration for Breakfast. В это солнечное субботнее утро Бас признался в любви Киеву и его жителям, рассказал о том, в какие проекты собирается инвестировать, как относится к "понтам", стоит ли давать сотрудникам второй шанс и в каких случаях.

Полное интервью Баса о сложных материях, найме и контроле за работой сотрудников, KPI и их необходимости, бюджетах и инвестициях читайте по ссылке.


In anticipation of La Conference Luxe & Digital Bas Godska has shared his opinion regarding digital luxury business. We provide our blog readers with the unique opportunity to dive into the thoughts of the internet marketing guru and gain valuable experience.  

1. Why is digital luxury a lucrative business?

Inventory management: the shopping club business model is very well suited to sell excess stock of luxury products, a product range that is hard to liquidate at basement prices, on public marketplaces, due to dumping and brand restrictions. Disintermediation: the Internet enables the luxury seller to look beyond the costly offline retail distribution channel.

Marketing benefits: reaching the luxury shopper segment is easier, arguably cheaper, better measurable and better globally scalable. Also, luxury brands will need to go where their audience goes --- online. Specifically for Russia, an added benefit for the luxury e-tailer is the better ability to cover Russia's regions.

2. Are there opportunities for new business?

It may sound conservative but the Russian Internet is still a great space for a range of performance based lead generation and conversion improvement tools for luxury items (affiliate marketing dealmakers, cpo focused retargeting technology, real time display ad optimization, data crunching wizards). There will be opportunities left for copycats in the luxury e-tail and digital media sectors; also local "sales simplifyers" showing Russified content from western e-commerce sites and local turnkey e-fulfillment solutions will reach mainstream in the near future.

3. What an investor is looking for in a luxury startup?

As with any startup -  a gifted, experienced team with a strong online idea. Preferably with high agility/mobility and especially, but that's my personal taste, anything innovative in the luxury goods performance based marketing sphere.


On the 25th of October 2011 I went to Kiev to visit the International Conference “Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe 2011: Internet Technologies & Innovations” (IDCEE 2011) . The main goal of IDCEE 2011 was to bring together ideas and insights of leading experts and start-up entrepreneurs with expertise and experience of investors and business-angels, as well as organization of keynote speaker presentations, panel discussions, startup competition, and meetings with prominent world experts. Among the speakers were such famous people as Esther Dyson, one of theleading angel investor,entrepreneur, a member of the board of directors of Medstory, Meetup Inc.,, Boxbe, Voxiva and Yandex, and LeWeb’s founder.
I was asked to participate in the third panel of the conference together with David Waroquier, the Principal at Mangrove Capital Partners, Yegor Anchishkin, GVMachines’ founder, Teodoro D’Ambrosio, an Italian-Swiss IT entrepreneur and Oskar Hartmann, CEO of KupiVip (the online Russian shopping club which recently attracted $55m investment).
There were many innovational projects, but the projects that attracted my attention most are kitapps and endorphin. I wish IDCEE and its organizers further development and innovational ideas.



startup_school_Bas_Godska_picIn his interview by Alyona Popova, founder of on-line StartUp School , Bas Godska shared with some tips for startups. Whatch to learn more!                                                                                                         


idcee_bas_picEvent - IDCEE-2010 in Kiev, Ukraine (October, 2010) - investor's day. Bas took part in a panel discussion - "Pro" an "Contra" of copycats versus disruptive start-ups".

Below is a brief interview after the panel discussion with Mike Butcher from TechCrunch, Elena Masolova from Darberry/Groupon Russia, Fabio Cannavale of Bravofly Group and Honor Gunday of Payment Wall.

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