Big_moscow_engblog_engThe November issue of the online magazine BIGMOSCOW published an interview with Bas Godska devoted to his experience of investing in Russian startups. In particular, Bas speaks about the project, specialising in the sale of tourist package deals through the Internet.

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On the 18-19th of October Kiev hosted one of the largest events in CIS - IDCEE 2012. The main goal of the conference was to bring together ideas of leading experts and start-up entrepreneurs with expertise of investors and business-angels, gathering IT crowd from all over the world to unite internet innovations idea-holders and investors.

Bas Godska as the founder of was invited to participate in the event for the third time as the moderator of Accelerators panel (with Bohdan Kupych, Eveline Buchatskiy, Maurizio Rossi, Uwe Hortsmann) and Online Hospitality Panel (with Katrin Buckenmaier, Marina Kolesnik, Mikhail Reider, Roman Rochel). Over 2000 participants attended the conference, as well as best speakers from Eastern Europe and Russia.208206_414427671945090_1837212923_n


416905_437290062999089_1842023489_nDigital October hosted a series of events with the Geeks on a plane, including the conference Landing Page and Moscow Startup Mixer on the 20th and 22nd of September. The event brought together the best and the boldest English-speaking startups from Russia, so they could meet with the famous Geeks and get feedback from Dave McClure (500 Startups) himself. Bas Godska moderated a digital media panel on one of the conferences Landing Page with the participation of many rapidly growing Russian e-commerce companies.


In the photo: Bas Godska, Dave McClure, Igor Ryabenskiy


Читайте интервью Баса о начале его карьеры, больших и маленьких компаниях, стартапах и инвестициях, а также об тут


Inspiration for Breakfast

14 апреля Бас Годска был приглашен на интервью для проекта Inspiration for Breakfast. В это солнечное субботнее утро Бас признался в любви Киеву и его жителям, рассказал о том, в какие проекты собирается инвестировать, как относится к "понтам", стоит ли давать сотрудникам второй шанс и в каких случаях.

Полное интервью Баса о сложных материях, найме и контроле за работой сотрудников, KPI и их необходимости, бюджетах и инвестициях читайте по ссылке.


On the 13th of March Bas was invited to join the expert panel at the first event in the Chain Reaction series devoted to startups hosted by Digital October. In their own words: the Chain Reaction series is  devoted to pumping technology companies up to a new level of development with the help of crowdsourcing. Experts from various business sectors, as well as an offline and online audience, offer advices and contribute useful suggestions to startups. Each startup had  time to present itself and to answer questions, get feedback from the audience and experts.  The discussion was divided into three sections: the product itself, the business model and marketing tools. Three projects participated in the event:, Click& and Teams of the startups were lucky to receive feedback from such experienced experts as Pavel Bogdanov (partner at Almaz Capital), Raisa Levina (CEO of Anywayanyday Group), Alexey Pelevin (UX specialist at Anywayanyday) and Yanis Dzenis (Marketing specialist at Aviasales) and Bas Godska (international e-commerce expert, founder of and e-business accelerator It shall be mentioned that startup is supported by business accelerator It was pleasant to see how much positive attention this project attracted. sells tour packages to Russian travelers.

You are welcome to read the detailed review of the conference by Slon magazine following this link.


В одном из ведущих казахских журналов - Exclusive - вышла статья о Басе Годска и его совместных планах с сервисом коллективных покупок C недавних пор Бас консультирует эту компанию. Публикация рассказывает об опыте Баса и потенциале компании, с которой он намерен работать. Текст статьи также доступен в электронном виде на сайте журнала Exclusive.


16 ноября в Алматы прошла первая профессиональная Интернет-конференция «iProf’2011», посвященная интернет-маркетингу и стартапам с участием самых интересных проектов, инвесторов и экспертов из СНГ.

Целью конференции «iProf 2011» было создание площадки для  развития казахстанских Startup-проектов при поддержке инвесторов и создание атмосферы неформального общения с гуру интернет-маркетинга России и стран СНГ. Помимо  выступлений спикеров, участникам мероприятия была предоставлена возможность получить советы у таких профессионалов интернет-индустрии, как Максим Спиридонов (продюсерский центр «Ройбер»), Дмитрий Даниленко (компания «Бегун»), Любовь Симонова (Almaz Capital Partners), Юрий Синодов (, Бас Годска (частный инвестор). Кульминацией конференции стало подведение итогов конкурса на лучший стартап, в котором одержал победу проект по тестированию приложений TestLab. Также экспертами был отмечен проект HealthCare – предлагающий технологию предотвращения развития заболеваний связанных со зрением и опорно-двигательным аппаратом во время работы за компьютером. Еще пяти стартапам была дана возможность бесплатного двухмесячного обучения в стартап-школе «BusinessLab».

Позднее этим вечером были подведены итоги IX Национальной интернет-премии Члены жюри, в состав которого от лица Gogolmedia был приглашен Бас Годска, отдали главный приз конкурса за лучший сайт 2011 года интернет-изданию



Attended WPP’s Moscow version of the Stream un-conference yesterd. Stream Moscow 2011 is a smaller, localized follow up of the traditional event hosted by WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell and Yossi Vardi in Club Med near Athens, Greece.  About 100-150 people attended, the Digital Elite of russia’s internet scene. My dear friend Esther Dyson (EDventures, serving on both the boards of WPP and Yandex) and Mark Read (CEO of WPP Digital) hosted the Moscow event, in the posh Ritz Carlton.  Outside snow was falling which made stark contrast with Stream Moscow’s older brother, the big Stream --- three days of casual mingling and mindsharing with the hand-picked top 300 peers of the global digital scene.  I was there the last two years in October,  with pleasant temperatures near 30 degrees.

It was good to finally meet Yuri Milner, albeit it very brief, the founder of Digital Sky Technologies (DST), shareholder in Groupon, Facebook and Zynga and large stakeholder in whose IPO he realized end of last year.  Yuri is very upbeat about e-commerce and believes there is a lot of space for niche players, like shoe sellers… <


As I’m now responsible as CMO for driving sales for the Samwer Brothers’ new Russian e-commerce project ( that was good to hear. It re-confirmed what Sir Martin said half a year ago in Greece. The best sectors to be in are Digital, Data Analytics, and BRIC. I’m in all three -- that’ a hattrick! Mark Read added that Russian will soon be the largest online market in Europe, the reason for WPP to explore more ways to improve the digital share in media budgets.

Milner: “…all you have to do is simply hang in there for the coming 10 years and follow the flow, er… Stream!”.


I loved the group discussion we had in little rooms about e-commerce however there was not anything new said and I couldn’t stop noticing I was talking the most --- a lot of companies that are still thinking what their next step will be in the direction of e-commerce. Met some nice research people and saw charismatic commercial director Alexey Tretyakov of Yandex again after my last contact when I worked as CMO/dep. CEO at  in 2008/2009(at the time Russia’s largest e-commerce company).  Esther startled the attendants, including IKEA’s e-commerce manager with the need-to-know statistic that 7 out of 10 Europeans have been made in an IKEA bed…

The head of economic affairs of the US Embassy initiated a discussion about privacy concerns where about half of the attendant stated that in Russia it’s safer to give Google your personal details thsn the Russian government…

Alexey hosted the session about the Future of Display Advertising after Esther’s e-commerce break out session. I stated that I don’t like display as it’s insane that performance based marketing still needs to get hundreds of thousands of banners to get 1 sale; that’s too much noise, too much digital waste. Where are the CTRs of 15% with amazing conversions?!  A lively debate that, due to time concerns as Yuri Milner had to leave for a another appointment  has to be continued over a good glass. Still, the Russian crowd was much more silent than the colourful bunch of Western internet passionados that crowded the scene at Stream 2010 in Greece. But that will change no doubt in the coming years.

A nice girl Caroline from SoundCloud (“it’s the Flickr for sound”) had some interesting ideas about crowdsourcing for musical artist and shared the sound of bats making love on her iPhone to get attention from the crowd.

A few Dutch people in the mostly Russian crowd: Annelies (CEO @ SUP/Livejournal) and MediaEdge’s Head of Search EMEA. Annelies, ArakadiyVolozh (CEO of Yandex) and myself were the only attendants of Stream 2010 in Greece, (0.8% of all people, according to the booklet).

News 360’s Chief Business Development Officer, a startup similar to SkyGrid, had some ideas about how to better convert e-commerce customers via news updates, as they generate emotion. Unfortunately they focus on the US only, at present.

A Swedish competitor of Efficient Frontier, context advertising bid management, was mentioning several times that they’re not looking for clients; at 2AM I already received their company presentation. Soft persuasion, or digital tenacity? 

And then the night fell. All in all, a really nice initiative. Thanks to Mark, Esther and of course dear Victoria Pattinson for organizing!